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is it nothing, or less
about me 
22nd-Jul-2009 10:01 pm
about me;
andy. seventeen. australia. high school senior. oldest child. tv junkie. workaholic.  off the market. talks fast. talkative. friendly. hates conforming to social standards. hates conforming into fashion. lamely sarcastic. sweet. wants to travel us of a. wants to collect other countries money. well grounded. doesnt beat around the bush. always finds music to fit my mood.

veronica mars ~ veronica. logan. dick. lilly. mac. veronica/logan. veronica/dick
roswell ~ liz, max. michael. liz/max. maria/michael
dawsons creek ~ joey. pacey. audrey. jack. pacey/joey,.pacey/andie. joey/audrey
one tree hill ~ brooke. peyton. haley. rachel. nathan. skills. jaimie. nathan/haley. peyton/brooke. brooke/haley. brooke/haley/peyton. lucas/peyton. karen/keith. haley/lucas
gilmore girls ~ loreli gilmore. rory gilmore. jess mariano. luke daines. lane kym. rory/jess. loreli/luke. rory/logan.
gossip girl ~ blair. chuck. dan. blair/chuck. blair/serena. blair/dan. lilly/rufus.

a walk to remember. stick it. what a girl wants. sweet home alabama. shes the man. how to loose a guy in 10 days. a cinderella story.  sisterhood of the traveling pants. speak.

this is me;
myspace ;  here
facebook ; here = (comment to add me on facebook)
last fm ;  here
msn : lexywashere@hotmail.com

communities i post at

 sexsuade  l  just_delicious 

20th-Mar-2009 10:25 pm (UTC)
hey bb
awesome u have fb
i've added you cus i thought that was the easiest way
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